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Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box Set

Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box Set

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Congratulations on New Home with Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box

Gifting a Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box to someone who has bought a new home is a thoughtful and amazing way to show your congratulations and support. Succulents are low maintenance, making them a great way to help new homeowners beautify their new space without adding to their already hectic to-do list. The gift box can be customized to the recipient's personal taste and style, including the type of succulent, the potting container, and even the packaging, making it a unique and personalized touch that will make the new homeowners feel appreciated and loved.

Succulents are also versatile and can be used to decorate any living space, making them a great addition to a new home. The plants are easy to care for, making them perfect for those who may not have a green thumb. The recipient can display their Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box in a variety of ways, including on a windowsill, in a hanging planter, or on a bookshelf. The possibilities are endless, making it easy for new homeowners to incorporate their new plants into their daily lives and add a touch of nature to their new space.

Features of Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box

Finally, gifting a succulent gift box is a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than cut flowers. Succulents can be grown locally, reducing the environmental impact of the gift. Additionally, the plants are low maintenance, meaning they do not require frequent watering or other resources, making them a responsible and sustainable gift choice. Overall, gifting a succulent gift box to someone who has bought a new home is a unique, meaningful, and eco-friendly way to show your congratulations and support.

This Succulent Gift Set Includes:

  • A mini arrangement of three succulents with hints of moss.
  • A ceramic pot and bamboo saucer
  • A Soy Candle in a decorative tin
  • A handmade 14 Carrot Gold, Olive Oil, and Sustainable Palm Oil Soap Bar  This beautiful golden bar has a super creamy lather and is softly
    scented with cucumber melon. An homage to the Farmers, it contains
    goat's milk and carrot purée.  Perfect to pamper yourself, morning and night.
    Magnum Opus Soap is a handcrafted, old-fashioned soap. It is made using a technique called Cold Process in small batches.  Once cut, it is cured for a minimum of thirty days to ensure a hard bar of mild soap. Made with our
    specially formulated recipe, a result of six months of research and
    development, and the highest quality oils and ingredients. It has
    the most creamy, silky lather and cleans without stripping your skin
    of its natural protective oils. As they say, the secret is in the sauce. or
    in this case the suds.
  • A Personalized Card.
  • This arrangement also comes with a card with instructions on how to best take care of the new succulent gift.  

 Tell them you are proud of the achievement by sending a Succa gift box. 

This stylish succulent gift box will add warmth to any home or office décor with a tasteful ceramic planter and bamboo saucer for the hand-selected, California-raised, baby succulent. The modern, simple succulent arrangements will suit any style of home or office furnishings. 


The wonderful gifts of colorful succulents include a goat’s milk soap bar with a soothing lavender and green tea scent to add a calming zen to any space. Our handmade soap bars are locally sourced from a goat farm in Southern California.


Aside from succulent plants and a milk soap bar, our succulent gifts box also includes soy candles that come in a decorative tin, smell fantastic, and are perfect for those who don’t like a harsh, overpowering fragrance. Show us a better gift idea for a succulent lover!


Quick succulent delivery

The carefully wrapped Welcome Home Succulent Gift Box delivery arrives in 2-3 days from the day you order in perfect condition. With free shipping via express mail, you can easily trace your order and monitor. Gift your loved ones a succulent gift box set on their big day!

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