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"Veronica" Succulent Arrangements & Saucer

"Veronica" Succulent Arrangements & Saucer

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Among our Top Succulents ArrangementsVeronica & Saucer is one of the Best Sellers. This beautiful succulent arrangement never disappoints.

Veronica & Saucer's arrangement set also comes with a card with instructions on arranging succulents and taking care of them.

Unique Succulent Arrangements 

Presenting a succulent plant arrangement as a gift is an excellent gesture to express care and consideration. Succulents have gained popularity as a trendy gift choice in recent times. Unlike cut flowers that fade fast and have a short lifespan, succulents endure and demand little maintenance, making them an enduring and pragmatic gift. Additionally, these plants symbolize growth, fresh starts, and resilience. It makes them a meaningful way to extend good wishes on special occasions like birthdays or graduations.

Succulent Floral arrangements provide an individualized and distinctive charm that flowers cannot replicate. Their wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors allows for versatile arrangements, crafting unique and captivating displays. Tailoring a succulent collection to match the recipient's preferences adds a deeper level of significance, making it a personal and unforgettable gift.

Veronica & Saucer's Succulent plant arrangements set includes

  • Unique and Freshly Made Succulent Arrangement
  •  A round 6" White Pot Container
  • Bamboo saucer loaded with succulent plant arrangements
  • A Customized Card
  • An Instruction Card on the best care of the new succulent gift.

This Unique Gift is inspired by the Queen of Succulents in Southern California, Veronica, who plays a part in all our designs.

Quick Succulent Arrangements delivery

The carefully wrapped succulent plant gift delivery arrives in 2-3 days from the day you order in perfect condition. With free shipping via express mail, you can easily track your package.

Gift it to someone you care about and make a positive impact on the environment!

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to arrange succulents?

Ans: Fill the circular concrete planter with a well-draining mixed soil.  Plant the succulents individually in the planter, ensuring the soil is under the roots. Gently remove any dust from the succulent leaves. Relocate the arrangement to a suitable spot that complements your decor. Water the arrangement after a week. ( Water the soil directly, avoiding wetting the succulents themselves )

How long do succulent arrangements last?

Ans: The duration of succulent arrangements' existence depends on factors like care, juicy variety, environmental circumstances, and structure. When given appropriate care and consistent maintenance, a succulent arrangement can last from several months to multiple years.

Can I mix different types of succulents in one arrangement?

Ans: Mixing different succulent types can create visually appealing arrangements. Ensure the succulents have similar care requirements to thrive together. 

How much Sunlight do succulent arrangements need?

Ans: Succulent arrangements need a minimum of 6 hours of Sunlight per day.

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